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Becoming Elizabeth - Episode 1.08 - To Death We Must Stoop (Season Finale) - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
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Press Release
EPISODE 108 - To Death We Must Stoop
Airdate: August 7, 2022
Written By: Anya Reiss
Directed By: Catherine Morshead

The king is sick and the court that made an enemy of Catholics now face the possibility of being ruled by one as Mary rides to Whitehall. Mary and Elizabeth are briefly reunited in their love for their sick brother but Edward is distraught that his legacy of a Protestant England dies with him if Mary succeeds to the throne. Elizabeth watches as court breaks old loyalties and forms new alliances with every man desperately scrambling to survive what may be coming. That is until Elizabeth is approached with the proposition: if England is to see its first woman on the throne, why should it not be her?