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Tom Swift - Episode 1.05 - ...And The Crashed Cotillion - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release


Promotional Photos
TS105a_0178r-fad3f4acb3d86da7.th.jpg TS105a_0026r2-368f39a03785246b.th.jpg TS105a_0056r-76520e02ad2ce448.th.jpg TS105a_0330r-acbcb4433e201f60.th.jpg TS105a_0456r-8fcdb4fd5eef7657.th.jpg TS105b_0049r2-3657ce84f8e746c5.th.jpg TS105b_0542r-ed9947a8096d2923.th.jpg
Press Release
While hosting the tech event of the year at Swift Enterprises, Tom (Tian Richards) embarks on a daring gambit to stop a security breach – and to do so, he’ll have to get extremely close to the mysterious Rowan (Albert Mwangi), whose undeniable chemistry with Tom complicates the question of whether Rowan is a shadowy adversary or a guardian angel. Meanwhile, Zenzi (Ashleigh Murray), Isaac (Marquise Vilsón) and Lorraine (April Parker Jones) look to Tom to shore up the corporation’s standing with powerful investors, and Lino (guest star Donovin Miller) struggles to understand his inexplicably heightened physical abilities.