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Becoming Elizabeth - Episode 1.04 - Lighten Our Darkness - Press Release

Press Release
EPISODE 104 - Lighten Our Darkness
Airdate: July 3, 2022
Written By: Suhayla El Bushra
Directed By: Udayan Prasad

Having been sent away from Catherine and Thomas’ household, Elizabeth is amongst strangers in the house of Kat’s brother-in-law Antony Denny, and terrified of anyone finding out her secrets from Chelsea Place. Pregnant Catherine and Thomas put on a united front to the court and the king, staring down the gossip surrounding Elizabeth’s exile. As the rumours spread, Robert tries to defend his friend Elizabeth in her absence leaving his father the Lord Dudley questioning his friendship with the Princess. Thinking he has Mary under control, the Lord Protector Somerset allows Edward to pursue his Protestant faith. However, he is met with resistance from an unlikely place, as Catholic Pedro questions whose side the Lord Somerset is really on.