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Throwback Thursday - Galavant - Pilot

Throwback Thursday is a weekly article in which we look back at our favourite TV episodes from the past.

A charming and unique take on musical comedy and the medieval genre, it's still a shame all these years later that two season wonder Galavant wasn't ever really given a chance to take off. 

What we did get however was a fun, frollicking light-hearted adventure with some seriously catchy tunes peppered throughout. One musical bop is a standout of the first episode as King Richard sings with cheerful wistfulness of all the ways he'd like to kill Galavant.

The pilot episode sets the whimsical and unique precedent for the rest of the show well, wasting no time in turning the classic hero romance on its head in the first minutes and putting an idiotic and childlike spin on the trope of the conquering king, making Richard into one of the most endearing quasi-antagonists in media and making him into the show's standout character. 

The reveal of Isabella's deception of Galavant is also handled well, creating a layer of emotion and potential drama that balances out the bold-as-life characters and zany happenings. 

The show thrives on its characters dynamics and for the most part they all get solid set ups in the pilot episode. It helps to increase how rewatchable the show is. Seeing the dynamic between Richard and Gareth in the pilot episode isn't the most wonderful thing in the world on a first watch but after watching the entire show and gaining the power of hindsight, I can safely say that their dynamic is the most iconic and heartwarming in the whole show. 

Gareth is a brilliant dry character to play against the wacky and pitiful Richard and he gets some of the best lines in the whole show. 

The show has a lot of fun playing with tropes and creates a fantastical comedy that remains in a league of its own, setting the heroes off on a journey that never tries to be funnier than it actually is. It's good for a bit of easy watching and popcorn fun.

What did you think of Galavant? Do you have a favourite song or character? Sound off in the comments below!


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