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Halo - Inheritance and Allegiance - Double Review

In the lead up to the finale, Halo delivers two very different episodes each focusing on one storyline, the first of which wraps up the drama on Madrigal before returning the focus to the main plot and characters of the show. 

That's not to say that the Madrigal episode was worse in some way. It delivered an action-packed ending battle that brought Kwan's journey full circle right back to where she started when she lost her father and everyone she knew to the Covenant. The episode even comes with a nostalgic flashback to everyone she lost. 

Unfortunately, neither Kwan or Soren have ultimately proved that they're important enough for such a focus. Both have great potential and their storylines in this episode almost feel like a different show. With more focus, their plots could have been great. They seem to be trying to bring Kwan's story back into the fold by making her some sort of protector of the Forerunner portal on Madrigal but Soren ended up being a character trapped in a dead end arc. 

The politics of his pirate lifestyle and the people he's in command of would have benefited from some expansion but as it is, it feels largely pointless when he instantly ends up going back to Madrigal for Kwan, allowing their partnership to come full circle and culminating in a touching farewell - or at least as touching as it can be with their dynamic.

The penultimate episode is a marked improvement, bringing the show's focus back and setting the stage for an explosive finale. 

Some things, like John and Makee's new relationship could have been developed from more than just a shared connection with the artifact and a walk through the city and it was a good episode for the progression of Makee's character growth even though she was set back several steps after being attacked by the UNSC the same way she was as a little girl. 

Halsey's machinations come to a desperate head as well but ultimately Cortana betrays her. I really think Halsey should have seen it coming like her assistant apparently did - she should have known that the problem with crafting an AI after a human being is that it will inevitably have some of that pesky sentimentality that humans tend to have. 

Halsey doesn't seem to think that humanity and emotion gets people anywhere which is why she put emotional suppressors into the Spartans and hinged all her plans on an AI modeled after her own likeness. Even by the end when their ship is surrounded, she still holds out hope for their plan to succeed. 

This show works best when it puts the humanity of its characters front and centre. My favourite scene of the episode involved Kai hanging out with the soldiers and building bonds, a stark contrast to the worldview Halsey has constructed. If only Makee had been able to witness more of this kind of humanity before her attack. As it is, she's back on mission for now though I'm holding out hope for a last minute breakthrough in the finale. 

What did you think of these two episodes? Sound off in the comments below!

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