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When Calls the Heart - Episode 9.10 - Never Say Never - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release


Promotional Photos
Day02_WCTH_9010_0074_RT.th.jpg Day02_WCTH_9010_0020_RT.th.jpg Day02_WCTH_9010_0135_RT.th.jpg Day02_WCTH_9010_0096_RT.th.jpg Day02_WCTH_9010_0168_RT.th.jpg Day02_WCTH_9010_0238_RT.th.jpg Day02_WCTH_9010_0175_RT.th.jpg Day02_WCTH_9010_0211_RT.th.jpg Day02_WCTH_9010_0267_RT.th.jpg Day02_WCTH_9010_0276_RT.th.jpg Day02_WCTH_9010_0321_RT_RV1.th.jpg Day02_WCTH_9010_0300_RT_RV1.th.jpg Day04_WCTH_9010_0444_RT_RV1.th.jpg Day02_WCTH_9010_0313_RT.th.jpg Day07_WCTH_9010_0553_RT_RV1.th.jpg Day07_WCTH_9010_0456_RT.th.jpg Day07_WCTH_9010_0570_RT_RV1.th.jpg Day07_WCTH_9010_0758_RT.th.jpg Day07_WCTH_9010_0784_RT.th.jpg Day07_WCTH_9010_0779_RT.th.jpg Day07_WCTH_9010_0816_RT.th.jpg Day07_WCTH_9010_0793_RT.th.jpg
Press Release
STUDIO CITY – April 8, 2022 – On “When Calls the Heart,” some unsettling news has been brought Elizabeth and Rosemary’s attention in “Never Say Never,” premiering Sunday, May 8 (8 p.m. ET/PT), on Hallmark Channel. Erin Krakow (“It Was Always You”), Pascale Hutton (“You Had Me at Aloha”), Jack Wagner (“Sealed with a Kiss: Wedding March 6”), Kavan Smith (“You Had Me at Aloha”), Chris McNally (“Snowkissed”), Kevin McGarry (“Heartland”), Andrea Brooks (“Supergirl”), Martin Cummins (“Riverdale”), Kayla Wallace (“Snowed in for Christmas”), Loretta Walsh (“A Picture Perfect Wedding”), Viv Leacock (“Lost in Space”), Johannah Newmarch (“The Curse of Willow Song”) and Ben Rosenbaum (“It Was Always You”) star.

Elizabeth (Krakow) and Rosemary (Hutton) don’t agree on the best way share unsettling news with the town about the coal mines, but that’s put behind them when Rosemary hears even more shocking news