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The Muppets Mayhem - Tahj Mowry Joins Cast

Press Release
Disney+’s upcoming comedy series The Muppets Mayhem has added Tahj Mowry (Baby Daddy) to the cast.

Mowry will star as Gary “Moog” Moogowski. He is a lovably awkward die-hard superfan of the musical act, he loyally follows them from gig to gig. Moog is an avid audiophile who knows his way around a mixing board. Since he is a walking encyclopedia of the musical act, he’s often able to offer advice or guidance to Nora when she’s having trouble wrangling, communicating with or even understanding them. As Moog continues to work closely with Nora (Singh), he begins to hope that maybe she’ll see him less as a goofy sidekick and more as a leading man.

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