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Quote of the Week - April 3

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the SpoilerTV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

Blue Bloods - Donna
Henry Reagan: “Great leaders don’t lead according to words on a page; great leaders lead with their hearts.”

- Dahne
1. Elena, as Val handcuffs them to each other: “Oh, friendship bracelet. Another sleepover tradition, no?”
2. Anthony: “Why go through the trouble of refilling the tank?” Val: “Federova image control. She doesn’t steal from the people. She’s like Robin Hood, but in couture.”
3. Val: “You know when she left it? When you liberated the reserve. It was a set up. She left something behind.” Doak: “We were both there that day.” Val: “Oh, now you want to share credit.”
4. Doak: “Only question now is do you want to go quietly or with all your bridges on fire?” Val: “With you? That bridge has been burning for a year.”

Killing Eve
- Donna
1. Konstantin: “I swear to God you women will be the death of me.”
2. Konstantin: “Fear is in my blood.”
3. Pam: “Who do I have to kill to get a smile out of you?”

Law and Order
- Dahne
1. Vertiz: “Post was sent from a cafe in Brooklyn called Coffee and Smile.” Cosgrove: “Why has it become mandatory for coffee shops to be called stupid names?” Dixon: “That’s why I drink tea.”

Star Trek: Picard
- Donna
1. Rios: “We’re the good guys.” 2. Dr. Ramirez: “Good guys never say that.”

What We're Watching:

 (1.04-1.06) - Dahne
1. Val: “I’ll never understand it. It’s like a piece missing. What’s the one thing that turns a person from normal human being to…to zealot?” Elena: “Willingness. For us, it was our baby. We wanted a better life, a better world for our child.” Val: “As most mothers do.” Elena: “Giving birth does not make you soft. Quite the opposite. You know what’s easy? Murder, violence. What is hard is forgiveness.”
2. Elena: “Your patience is thin. It’s becoming difficult for you to discover how deeply your husband is involved. I’m sympathetic.” Val: “Try being cooperative.” Elena: “Consider that it might not be a bad thing.” Val: “What? My husband lying to me for years? Not gonna put that on the plus side.”
3. Val, looking at the perp’s wall of fame: “He’s so proud of himself. Whenever you see one of these - an entire “me wall” - you know they’re no damn good.”
4. Rogelio: “Alright, you’ve done your digging. Good for you. What’s the point?” Elena: “The point is that corruption doesn’t begin with a bang, but a whimper. Because of this, you see a young woman full of promise where I see something else.” Rogelio: “Alright then, Doak has some unconventional ideas to liberate First Capital, things I wouldn’t normally approve of, but given this, they’re in motion.” Elena: “This is the beginning of corruption. You began this journey as a man of principle and now you’ve let Doak off his leash and you’re downplaying a beautiful relationship with the judge, which she may take offense, if she survives the day.” Rogelio: “Don’t push me and don’t underestimate me.”
5. Owen: “You said the plan could draw them out, but you never told me that Val could get caught in the crossfire.” Sergey: “Did you think that it was gonna be easy? Elena’s doing everything she can to protect her.” Owen: “You better hope that’s enough…because if anything happens to Val…I’ll kill you both. Remember that.”

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