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Fear The Walking Dead - Episode 7.10 - Mourning Cloak - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
FTWD_710_LS_0929_0273-RT.th.jpg FTWD_710_LS_0929_0144-RT.th.jpg FTWD_710_LS_0929_0399-RT.th.jpg FTWD_710_LS_0929_0556-RT.th.jpg FTWD_710_LS_0929_0628-RT.th.jpg FTWD_710_LS_1005_0153-RT.th.jpg FTWD_710_LS_1006_0093-RT.th.jpg FTWD_710_LS_1005_0745-RT.th.jpg FTWD_710_LS_1005_0920-RT.th.jpg
Press Release
When Charlie shows up at the Tower unexpectedly, Howard recruits a young ranger in training to determine the reason for her visit; as they journey beyond the Tower together, Charlie's true motives are revealed.