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Black-ish - Episode 8.13 - Homegoing (Series Finale) - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
161311_0036-900x0.th.jpg 161311_0153-900x0.th.jpg 161311_0296-900x0.th.jpg 161311_8731-900x0.th.jpg 161311_9300-900x0.th.jpg 161311_9323-900x0.th.jpg 161311_9368-900x0.th.jpg 161311_9392-900x0.th.jpg 161311_9447-900x0.th.jpg 161311_9692-900x0.th.jpg 161311_9777-900x0.th.jpg 161311_9894-900x0.th.jpg 161311_9959-900x0.th.jpg 161312_0356-900x0.th.jpg 161312_0385-900x0.th.jpg 161312_0648-900x0.th.jpg 161312_0697-900x0.th.jpg 161312_0779-900x0.th.jpg 161312_0974-900x0.th.jpg 161312_1003-900x0.th.jpg 161312_8838-900x0.th.jpg 161312_8908-900x0.th.jpg 161312_8958-900x0.th.jpg 161312_9030-900x0.th.jpg 161314_9607-900x0.th.jpg
Press Release
black-ish: SERIES FINALE - Homegoing (4/19)

“Homegoing” – As Pops and Ruby prepare to move away, Dre and Bow consider if they should make a big life change as well. Grappling with this idea at work, Dre receives some unexpected advice from Simone Biles, who tells him to follow his heart. The Johnsons prepare for their goodbyes in the series finale of the beloved comedy series “black-ish,” airing TUESDAY, APRIL 19 (9:00-9:31 p.m. EDT), on ABC. Watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the next day.