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When Calls the Heart - Episode 9.07 - Hope Valley Days: Part 1 - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release


Promotional Photos
WCTH_Ep9007_0177_RT_RV1.th.jpg WCTH_Ep9007_0157_RT.th.jpg WCTH_Ep9007_0152_RT.th.jpg WCTH_Ep9007_0126_RT.th.jpg WCTH_Ep9007_0086_RT.th.jpg WCTH_Ep9007_0069_RT.th.jpg WCTH_Ep9007_0053_RT.th.jpg WCTH_Ep9007_0047_RT.th.jpg WCTH_Ep9007_0259_RT.th.jpg WCTH_Ep9007_0240_RT.th.jpg WCTH_Ep9007_0208_RT.th.jpg WCTH_Ep9007_0498_RT.th.jpg WCTH_Ep9007_0467_RT.th.jpg WCTH_Ep9007_0406_RT.th.jpg WCTH_Ep9007_0397_RT.th.jpg WCTH_Ep9007_0312_RT_RV1.th.jpg WCTH_Ep9007_0714_RT.th.jpg WCTH_Ep9007_0639_RT.th.jpg WCTH_Ep9007_0545_RT.th.jpg WCTH_Ep9007_0737_RT.th.jpg WCTH_Ep9007_0502_RT.th.jpg WCTH_Ep9007_0501_RT.th.jpg
Press Release
HOPE VALLEY IS GETTING BACK TO IT’S HOPEFUL AND JOYOUS ROOTS IN ‘WHEN CALLS THE HEART’ APRIL 17, ON HALLMARK CHANNEL STUDIO CITY – March 18, 2022 – On “When Calls the Heart,” Hope Valley gets back to its core roots in “Hope Valley Days: Part 1,” premiering Sunday, April 17 (8 p.m. ET/PT), on Hallmark Channel. Erin Krakow (“It Was Always You”), Pascale Hutton (“You Had Me at Aloha”), Jack Wagner (“Sealed with a Kiss: Wedding March 6”), Kavan Smith (“You Had Me at Aloha”), Chris McNally (“Snowkissed”), Kevin McGarry (“Heartland”), Andrea Brooks (“Supergirl”), Martin Cummins (“Riverdale”), Kayla Wallace (“Snowed in for Christmas”), Loretta Walsh (“A Picture Perfect Wedding”), Viv Leacock (“Lost in Space”), Amanda Wong (“Raise a Glass to Love”), Johannah Newmarch (“The Curse of Willow Song”), Natasha Burnett (“Love at First Bark”), Ben Rosenbaum (“It Was Always You”) and Hrothgar Mathews (“Motherland: Fort Salem”) star. Mayor Hickam (Rosenbaum) decides that Hope Valley needs to get back to its hopeful, joyous roots and decides to host Hope Valley Days, a collective celebration inspired by giving, fun, hope, and love. “When Calls the Heart” is from WCTH 9 Productions Inc. Brad Krevoy, Brian Bird, Michael Landon Jr., John Tinker, Eric Jarboe, Jimmy Townsend, Erin Krakow, Susie Belzberg, Michael Shepard, Vicki Sotheran and Greg Malcolm are executive producers. Derek Thompson, Elizabeth Stewart, Peter DeLuise, Neill Fearnley and Amanda Phillips serve as co-executive producers. Vicki Sotheran and Greg Malcolm are producers. Peter DeLuise directed from a script by John Tinker.