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Walker - Episode 2.12 - Common Ground - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
WLK212a_0149r.th.jpg WLK212a_0292r.th.jpg WLK212a_0274r.th.jpg WLK212a_0081r.th.jpg WLK212a_0400r.th.jpg WLK212b_0535r.th.jpg WLK212a_0448r.th.jpg WLK212b_0255r.th.jpg WLK212b_0125r.th.jpg WLK212a_0524r.th.jpg WLK212a_0613r.th.jpg
Press Release
CORDELL RIDES TO SAVE HIS FAMILY RANCH – Cordell (Jared Padalecki) reaches a breaking point with Denise (guest star Amara Zaragoza) who sets her sights on revenge and the tensions between the Walker and Davidson families finally hit a fever pitch. Charissa Sanjarernsuithikul directed the episode written by Maya Vyas (#212). Original airdate 3/31/2022.