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The Wonder Years - Episode 1.18 - Goose Grease - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
162040_0181-900x0.th.jpg 162040_0480-900x0.th.jpg 162039_0473-900x0.th.jpg 162102_0441-900x0.th.jpg 162102_0350-900x0.th.jpg 162102_0258-900x0.th.jpg 162039_0412-900x0.th.jpg 162102_0255-900x0.th.jpg 162040_0102-900x0.th.jpg 162039_0515-900x0.th.jpg 162102_0558-400x0.th.jpg
Press Release
When Dean comes down with the chicken pox on his way to a hunting trip with Bill and Grandaddy Clisby, Lillian forces the three of them to quarantine together. Clisby pushes homemade remedies on them out of his mistrust of doctors, but he’s forced to reckon with this when Dean’s condition worsens.