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The Good Doctor - Episode 5.10 - Cheat Day - Promotional Photos + Press Release


Promotional Photos
161457_3660-900x0.th.jpg 161457_3499-900x0.th.jpg 161457_3126-900x0.th.jpg 161457_1396-400x0.th.jpg 161457_1271-900x0.th.jpg 161457_1116-400x0.th.jpg 161459_4756-400x0.th.jpg 161458_1538-900x0.th.jpg 161459_2557-900x0.th.jpg 161459_4477-900x0.th.jpg 161459_4747-900x0.th.jpg
Press Release
Salen (Rachel Bay Jones) takes extreme measures when she learns that the surgical staff have joined Lim’s efforts against her. Meanwhile, the team treats a liver transplant patient whose organ donor unwittingly gave him cancer. And elsewhere, Jordan, Asher and Andrews look for a surgical solution to remove a pregnant surrogate’s cancer in such a way that she won’t also need a hysterectomy to survive.