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The Goldbergs - Episode 9.16 - The Downtown Boys - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
161614_0237-900x0.th.jpg 161614_0197-900x0.th.jpg 161614_0119-900x0.th.jpg 161614_0042-900x0.th.jpg 161613_4295-900x0.th.jpg 161613_4258-900x0.th.jpg 161614_0003-400x0.th.jpg 161613_4251-400x0.th.jpg 161613_2647-900x0.th.jpg 161613_2348-900x0.th.jpg 161613_2570-900x0.th.jpg 161613_2314-900x0.th.jpg 161613_2246-900x0.th.jpg 161613_2170-900x0.th.jpg 161613_2121-900x0.th.jpg 161613_2230-400x0.th.jpg 161613_2055-900x0.th.jpg 161613_2032-900x0.th.jpg 161613_1975-900x0.th.jpg 161612_0412-900x0.th.jpg 161612_0343-900x0.th.jpg 161612_0256-900x0.th.jpg 161612_0278-900x0.th.jpg 161612_0212-900x0.th.jpg 161612_0199-900x0.th.jpg 161612_0154-900x0.th.jpg 161612_0151-900x0.th.jpg 161612_0148-900x0.th.jpg 161612_0047-900x0.th.jpg 161612_0078-900x0.th.jpg 161614_0555-900x0.th.jpg 161614_0468-900x0.th.jpg 161614_0577-900x0.th.jpg 161612_0016-900x0.th.jpg
Press Release
“The Downtown Boys” – Barry and his friends try to reclaim their youth by forming a boy band, but they quickly learn they aren’t kids anymore. Meanwhile, Adam has the keys to Erica’s downtown apartment but realizes he’s not cut out for city life on an all-new episode of “The Goldbergs,” airing WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16 (8:00-8:30 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (TV-PG, DL) Watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the day following their premieres.

Guest starring is Joey McIntire as Jean Calabasas.

“The Downtown Boys” was written by Erik Weiner and directed by Matt Mira.