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The Girl From Plainville - Episode 1.04 - Can't Fight This Feeling - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
tgfp_104_sd_01255rt.th.jpg tgfp_104_sd_01924rt.th.jpg tgfp_104_sd_02885rt.th.jpg tgfp_104_sd_02789rt.th.jpg tgfp_104_sd_03283rt.th.jpg tgfp_104_sd_03730rt.th.jpg tgfp_104_sd_05147rt.th.jpg tgfp_104_sd_04576rt.th.jpg tgfp_104_sd_05586rt.th.jpg tgfp_104_sd_05684rt.th.jpg
Press Release
As the threat of legal action mounts, Gail and David hire a lawyer to represent their daughter; Co and Lynn struggle with their pasts and Michelle tries to help Coco settle into a new normal.

Written By: Sara Pearson
Directed By: Pippa Bianco