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The Girl From Plainville - Episode 1.01 - 1.03 - Promotional Photos + Press Releases

Promotional Photos
tgfp_101_sd_00167rt.th.jpg tgfp_101_sd_00333rt.th.jpg tgfp_101_sd_00572rt.th.jpg tgfp_101_sd_01251rt.th.jpg tgfp_101_sd_01928rt.th.jpg tgfp_101_sd_02173rt.th.jpg tgfp_101_sd_02659rt.th.jpg tgfp_102_sd_00012rt.th.jpg tgfp_102_sd_00742rt.th.jpg tgfp_102_sd_01170rt.th.jpg tgfp_102_sd_01886rt.th.jpg tgfp_102_sd_02658rt.th.jpg tgfp_102_sd_02871rt.th.jpg tgfp_102_sd_03352rt.th.jpg tgfp_102_sd_03825rt.th.jpg tgfp_103_sd_04591rt.th.jpg tgfp_103_sd_04632rt.th.jpg tgfp_103_sd_04851rt.th.jpg tgfp_103_sd_00172rt.th.jpg
Press Release
S1 Episode 101 ‘Star-Crossed Lovers and Things Like That’

A teen’s death by suicide unearths painful questions for his family and reveals a complicated, mostly virtual relationship with a young woman who may hold the answers.

Written By: Liz Hannah & Patrick Macmanus
Directed By: Lisa Cholodenko

S1 Episode 102 ‘Turtle’

Conrad and Michelle meet in Florida and discover a connection that will follow them back to their respective towns in Massachusetts; Michelle honors Conrad’s memory while the police review their text exchanges in the months leading up to his passing.

Written By: Ahmadu Garba
Directed By: Zetna Fuentes

S1 Episode 103 ‘Never Have I Ever’

Assistant District Attorney Katie Rayburn is reluctantly enlisted to pursue possible charges against Michelle; Michelle is torn between a new friend and Conrad.

Written By: Ashley-Michel Hoban
Directed By: Lisa Cholodenko