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The Blacklist - Episode 9.12 - The Chairman - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
NUP_196217_00225.th.jpg NUP_196217_00149.th.jpg NUP_196217_00331.th.jpg NUP_196217_00230.th.jpg NUP_196217_00208.th.jpg NUP_196217_00062.th.jpg NUP_196217_00175.th.jpg NUP_196217_00156.th.jpg NUP_196217_00141.th.jpg NUP_196217_00098.th.jpg NUP_196217_00048.th.jpg NUP_196217_00102.th.jpg NUP_196217_00116.th.jpg
Press Release
The Task Force pursues their latest target, the Chairman, who operates a dark web stock market trading shares of criminal organizations. Red takes extreme measures to locate a tracking device, which sends Ressler into a spiral. Cooper makes contact with his blackmailer.