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Star Trek: Discovery - Rosetta - Review

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This season of Discovery has been a character building one as much as it has been a plot heavy one and it was Detmer’s turn to step into the spotlight with an episode that examined the relationship between the characters and what made her tick, looking into the fear that multiple characters had in facing the unknown threat that could wipe out much of Earth. It remained – despite all the stakes, surprisingly low-key and opted for a character-driven approach which really helped matters, as directly tackling the crew’s fears head on only made them feel more real: this is a show that’s clearly building towards something, and putting the pieces in place for a hopefully memorable finale.

The show has been building connections between multiple characters who haven’t had that connection shown on screen before and it makes the crew of Disco feel like real people. Detmer and Adira got some time in the spoltight as Adira learnt more about who Detmer was as a person, with a rare but always appreciative Tig Notaro Jett Reno appereance to give Adira a pep talk and the confidence that they needed to approach Detmer – which led to an awkward small-talk once Detmer returned from her mission.

We also learnt some more information about the Ten-C and their complex nature as a species. The mission to the planet’s surface gave us an insight into some bones and structure as a species – the fact that they’re clearly placing an emphasis on children and their next generation, but at the same time, also gave a warning: Saru believes that they’re doing what they’re doing to Earth and the other planets affected by the DMA without care for them – whilst Culber’s insistance that Michael adopt a more open-minded approach is met with her pragmatism, and common ground must be accomplished in negotiations. Saru has reason to fear the Ten-C – his visions were the hardest and most damning for all of the crew on the away mission.

Whilst Michael and co explored the Ten-C planet, Book and Tarka are gaining ground. Book knows Michael too well and she’ll find the information before him and Tarka, so rather than trying to race Michael Book and Tarka instead find a way to eavesdrop onto Discovery in a bid to gleam some knowledge from them. Attatched to the Hull like Han Solo flying through hyperspace on the back of a Star Destroyer in Empire Strikes Back is a cunning move, and Zora’s sensors don’t have a clue. Of course it would be nice if Book and Tarka are in the wrong and a peaceful approach can be secured, but given Discovery’s tendancies for an action-packed scenario, it would be fascinating to see the consequences of a world where Michael’s peaceful approach doesn’t end up working.

The episode itself also went some way to upping the stakes – if you have Tig Notaro – you’re not going to waste her given her limited appereances on Discovery this season and of course that meant she was the one who discovered Tarka snooping around the ship. Of course, Tarka being Tarka, he kidnaps her and takes her hostage – with Notaro providing a brilliant deadpan reaction to being taken hostage. This gives the potential for yet another new connection between the cast that we haven’t had before, and puts the spotlight on Reno once again.

I do think – much like with Picard, Discovery has put itself in a position where its weekly release format has almost hurt it. I feel like it would accomplish more were the season released in one go, or multiple episodes at once. The slow burn, character driven approach feels built to favour the binge-watch – but what we’re getting is a very good season all the same, arguably the most focused yet, removed from the scattershot approach of prior seasons for a real joy to watch.

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