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Hard Cell - First Look Promo + Promotional Photos

Promotional Photos
Hard-Cell_SOP_Final.th.jpg HardCell_Season1_Episode1_00_19_37_11.th.jpg HardCell_Season1_Episode1_00_17_36_19.th.jpg HardCell_Season1_Episode3_00_07_51_13.th.jpg HardCell_Season1_Episode2_00_24_14_05.th.jpg HardCell_Season1_Episode3_00_13_40_00.th.jpg HardCell_Season1_Episode2_00_06_40_07.th.jpg HardCell_Season1_Episode3_00_09_51_20.th.jpg

Hard Cell is a documentary style comedy set in the fictional female prison, HMP Woldsley. Writer and creator Catherine Tate plays multiple characters from Laura Willis, the Governor who believes creativity leads to rehabilitation, to Big Viv, the psychopath lifer. Set over a 6 week period during which the inmates rehearse a musical directed by ex-Eastender’s star Cheryl Fergison. Rehearsals draw together an oddball collection of women as they find their voices, grow in confidence and strengthen their friendships. Funny yet surprisingly moving, Hard Cell leans into the comical truth of prison life.

Release Date: 12th April 2022