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Chicago Med - Episode 7.16 - May Your Choices Reflect Hope, Not Fear - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
NUP_196756_04066.th.jpg NUP_196756_03951.th.jpg NUP_196756_03382.th.jpg NUP_196756_03860.th.jpg NUP_196756_03663.th.jpg NUP_196756_03637.th.jpg NUP_196756_03872.th.jpg NUP_196756_03721.th.jpg NUP_196756_03586.th.jpg NUP_196756_03521.th.jpg NUP_196756_02238.th.jpg NUP_196756_02202.th.jpg NUP_196756_02183.th.jpg NUP_196756_02120.th.jpg NUP_196756_01750.th.jpg NUP_196756_01859.th.jpg NUP_196756_01784.th.jpg NUP_196756_01747.th.jpg NUP_196756_01180.th.jpg NUP_196756_03182.th.jpg NUP_196756_00614.th.jpg NUP_196756_02327.th.jpg NUP_196756_00876.th.jpg

Press Release
Will helps a patient with long-haul Covid symptoms. Vanessa reflects on her dating life when she learns that a patient’s daughter is having an arranged marriage. A new family is born out of tragedy.