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Throwback Thursday - House - House Divided

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Throwback Thursday is a weekly article in which we look back at our favorite TV episodes from the past.

"House Divided" is the 23rd episode of the fifth season of House and originally aired April 27, 2009.  

This episode of House starts out pretty much the same as any other.  A patient comes in with a mysterious illness, and House and his team try to solve the mystery.  In "House Divided" the patient is Seth, a teenager who has hearing loss, but is hearing loud explosions.  They perform brain surgery on him, and they put a cochlear implant in Seth without his permission.  After the surgery he starts having other problems, but before can they solve this puzzle though, there's something else more pressing: Chase's bachelor party.  

House is determined to throw Chase a bachelor party for Chase and Cameron's upcoming wedding, and this is what made "House Divided" one of my favorites.  Throughout the episode he sends his team on errands for this party including Thirteen and Foreman going to pick out a stripper and the team tasting alcoholic ice cream.  House also practices his shot making which backfires and sets a body in the morgue on fire.

Apparently House's bachelor parties are epic (and maybe not in a good way) and Wilson tries to warn Chase.  Wilson even says he will not be attending.  Wilson doesn't really have a choice though since the party is at his apartment.  And within minutes of being there Wilson hits it off with the stripper from his bachelor party, Caramel.

This party definitely lived up my expectations and was absolutely hilarious.  Taub ends up dancing between two strippers that are way taller than him, and Wilson does shots off of Caramel.  And then Thirteen does a shot off Caramel.  Wilson wonders if Foreman's okay with Thirteen and Caramel, and let's just say, Foreman is definitely okay.

Unfortunately, the bachelor party takes a weird turn when Chase passes out after his turn with body shots.  Caramel's lotion was strawberry, and he's allergic to strawberries.  After they take Chase to the hospital, the team returns to help Seth.  After sobering up, they figure out Seth has sarcoidosis and can easily treat this condition. 

At the end of the episode, House tells Cuddy he hasn't slept since their former member, Kutner, died.  Of course, that's not the whole story.  His insomnia is causing him to have visions of Amber.  I had forgotten how creepy those were.  At the bachelor party, after Chase has his allergic reaction to strawberries, House realizes that Amber is dangerous.

Other Thoughts:

- It was hilarious that Wilson was caught by the police wandering around trying to find his way home.  He was trying to find his way home from his home!  So obviously he had fun at the bachelor party.  Wonder how bad his hangover was the next day.

- They weren't going to let Thirteen come to the bachelor party until she said she would make out with a stripper.  Of course they let her come after she made that promise.

- The whole cast of House (for the first five seasons at least) was great.  It's rare that you find a cast that works so well together.  Hugh Laurie, Omar Epps, Lisa Edelstein, Jesse Spencer, Olivia Wilde, etc.  They were all fantastic. 

- I love Jesse Spencer.  And I kind of miss his long hair.  That's all.

Favorite Quotes:

Thirteen: "If I get drunk enough there's a chance I might make out with one of the strippers or become one."  
House: "Sold."

Wilson: "The main reason my third wife and I eloped was to avoid House's bachelor party."

Caramel: "How's your wife?"
Wilson: "We got divorced.  How's your cat?"  
Caramel: "Dead.  How about we go have a drink?"

Wilson: "You're okay with this?"  
Foreman: "I paid fifty bucks for this."  
Wilson: "You guys are great together.  Trust is everything."

What did you think of "House Divided"?  What was your favorite episode of House?  Leave a comment, and let me know!

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