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Nancy Drew - The Ransom of the Forsaken Soul - Review

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They got me. I didn’t catch the twist until…let's start at the beginning.

Nancy needs to take a good hard look at everything Temperance has done, because that woman is a study in strategy and battle plans.

The Drew Crew were so certain that they’d come up with a plan twisty enough that Temperance would never see it coming.

She saw it coming.

It helped that Temperance was two steps ahead of Nancy before she ever started working on her plan.

Bet Temperance would never lose a chess match.

Thanks to Ryan’s Plan B, The Drew Crew saved the day.

When Ryan died, it made sense to me. (I wasn’t happy, but it made sense.)

We spent a season watching his character grow, and, for many of us, falling for him.

This wouldn’t be the only show to trim a sizable cast in such a way as to get some emotional punch out of their finale.

But it wasn’t until Ace died that I began to suspect Nancy was under some kind of spell and what we were watching hadn't really happened. Ryan lives!

I really love it when I don’t see where the writers are going until they get there.

Nancy needs to make a habit of policing her blood. Don't leave it behind and don't let witches use it. I'm not sure why she never figured that out, hopefully she'll remember in the future.

Temperance froze Nancy in time, with the ax embedded in her neck, so she could emotionally manipulate Nancy.

She informed Nancy that if she killed her, Temperance, the last thing she would do would be to release a spell that would kill Ace if Nancy ever acted upon her feelings for him.

And so begins the tease. This is one of the reasons I was voting against this coupling.

Most networks believe that getting a couple together, especially when both characters are regulars or leads on the series, will be the death of the series.

Because of this, I'm guessing that, if Nancy and Ace get together it won't be until the series concludes.

Temperance's threat was enough for Nancy to consider letting the world burn. But she couldn't let herself be that selfish, not at the cost of innocent lives.

Her hesitation lasted long enough for a tsunami wave to take out Main Street. She in the end she stopped Temperance.

I like the way they tied up the finale. We got closure on most of the season 3 stories. The set up of the potential season 4 mysteries were overly cliffhangery.

The only story thread that will have me screaming, if the show were to be canceled, is the fact that, as far as Ace and Nancy are concerned, there was no resolution, no happy ending.


George is officially awesome. Why argue when they make crowbars?

I felt so bad about Ace's reaction to Nancy’s distance. He is good enough.

My reaction to Nancy going to a cemetery alone in response to a strange voice on her phone was…Of course.

After spending the season watching Nancy and Ryan develop a relationship, I felt as though Carson got left out in the cold.

Ryan is the Dad who cheerfully marched into supernatural battle with Nancy while Carson made it clear he didn’t really believe. I have been wondering if Carson began to accept the supernatural when he was hit by that inhibition potion (youth potion?)

Regardless, it was really nice to see Nancy turn to Carson for emotional support.

Crossing my fingers for an official season 4 announcement.

What did y’all think of the finale? Of the season overall?

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