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How I Met Your Father - Episode 1.07 - Rivka Rebel - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
himyf_107_pw_01354rt.th.jpg himyf_107_pw_01701rt.th.jpg himyf_107_pw_01793rt.th.jpg himyf_107_pw_02011rt.th.jpg himyf_107_pw_02445rt.th.jpg himyf_107_pw_02499rt.th.jpg himyf_107_pw_03131rt.th.jpg himyf_107_pw_02990rt.th.jpg himyf_107_pw_02482rt.th.jpg
Press Release
Valentina helps Sophie with an unexpected career opportunity. Jesse and Sid struggle with procrastination. Charlie seeks out a nasty Yelp reviewer.