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How I Met Your Father - Episode 1.06 - Stacey - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Press Release
S1 Episode 106 ‘Stacey’

Sophie feels haunted by her boyfriend’s ex. Sid and Hannah hash out an old argument. Charlie and Ellen host a dinner party.

Promotional Photos
himyf_106_pw_00029rt.th.jpg himyf_106_pw_02235rt.th.jpg himyf_106_pw_02149rt.th.jpg himyf_106_pw_02074rt.th.jpg himyf_106_pw_02017rt.th.jpg himyf_106_pw_01427rt.th.jpg himyf_106_pw_01233rt.th.jpg himyf_106_pw_00397rt.th.jpg himyf_106_pw_00245rt.th.jpg himyf_106_pw_00890rt.th.jpg himyf_106_pw_00895rt.th.jpg