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Celebrating 15 Years of SpoilerTV - Our Favourite TV and Movie Moments

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February 2022 marks 15 years of SpoilerTV. We wanted to celebrate this achievement with a special article.

I can't believe I'm saying this but, has been live and posting the biggest and best TV news/Spoilers for 15 Years. We had to post something special to mark the occasion, so I asked our staff to share with me their favourite TV and Movie moments from the past 15 years, and of course the site owner (DarkUFO) on his thoughts about the history of the site. Please share some of your favourite moments in the comments below.

To all of the Contributors, Reviewers, Commentors, Visitors, TV Networks, Cast, Crew and more who have been a part of the site for these 15 Years, I want to give a heartfelt THANK YOU. You've made the past 15 years an enjoyable experience and we can't wait to see where we go next!

A message from DarkUFO (Site Owner)

When CJ mentioned a few weeks back that we were approaching our 15th Birthday here at SpoilerTV it kinda took me by surprise. It just seems like yesterday that we were still running the LOST site when we decided to make a Spoiler site for other shows, not just LOST.

We started off with a few helpers from the LOST site and started with a few shows that we would cover in detail. As LOST ended we began to shift more focus and time to SpoilerTV and we expanded the number of shows we would cover.

As we grew we invited more people to join and we expanded our tools and software to match our growth. In those 15 years, we have had some incredible statistics:

- Posted over 200,000 articles on the site
- Been visited over 750 Million Times
- Over 4 Million Comments have been left on the site,
- Our youtube videos have been watched over 166 Million Times
- Uploaded over 400,000 Photos to our galleries.
- Added over 30,000 Episodes to our Episode and Ratings Database
- Processed over 200,000 News Items/Submissions
- We've had over 200 staff work for us at some point during these 15 years.
- We've had at least one person visit the site from EVERY country in the world.

Looking back at these stats I'm made to feel EXTREMELY humbled to have had so many great people volunteer their own personal time and effort to make SpoilerTV what it is Today.

Without them the site would simply NOT exist in its current form as covering over 800 shows is too much for 1 person.

Here's to the next 15 years!

Staff 15 Years of Favourite Moments

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