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Women Of The Movement - Episodes 1.05 + 1.06 (Season Finale) - Mothers And Sons / The Last Word - Promotional Photos + Press Releases

Promotional Photos
158827_0921.th.jpg 158827_0507.th.jpg 158827_0373A.th.jpg 158827_0118.th.jpg 158827_0044.th.jpg 158826_1650.th.jpg 158826_0471.th.jpg 158826_0360.th.jpg 158825_1428.th.jpg 158825_0910.th.jpg 158825_0757.th.jpg 158825_0354.th.jpg 158825_0233.th.jpg 158825_0227.th.jpg 158825_0192.th.jpg 158825_0032.th.jpg 158824_0794.th.jpg 158824_0618.th.jpg 158824_0594.th.jpg 158824_0582.th.jpg 158824_0543.th.jpg 158824_0483.th.jpg 158824_0182.th.jpg 156922_0814.th.jpg 158839_1699.th.jpg 158839_1673.th.jpg 158839_1288.th.jpg 158838_1288.th.jpg 158838_0368.th.jpg 158838_0420.th.jpg 158829_0536.th.jpg 158829_0041.th.jpg 158828_0526.th.jpg 158827_1046.th.jpg 158827_0995.th.jpg 158827_0978.th.jpg 158827_0628.th.jpg 158826_1251.th.jpg 158826_0940.th.jpg 158825_0443.th.jpg 158825_0274A.th.jpg 158824_0525.th.jpg 158824_0257.th.jpg 158824_0244.th.jpg 158824_0137.th.jpg 158823_1212.th.jpg 158823_0860.th.jpg 158823_0736.th.jpg 158823_0722.th.jpg 158822_0519.th.jpg 156922_1405.th.jpg 156922_1015.th.jpg 156922_0726.th.jpg 158839_1304.th.jpg 158839_1203.th.jpg 158839_0654.th.jpg 158839_0241.th.jpg 158839_0044.th.jpg 158838_1259.th.jpg 158838_0797.th.jpg 158838_1066.th.jpg 158838_0756.th.jpg 158838_0534.th.jpg 158838_0290.th.jpg 158833_0253.th.jpg 158829_0579.th.jpg 158829_0454A.th.jpg 158829_0384.th.jpg 158829_0369.th.jpg 158829_0331.th.jpg 158829_0180.th.jpg 158828_0634.th.jpg 158828_0626.th.jpg 158822_0457.th.jpg 158822_0182.th.jpg 158823_1659.th.jpg 158823_1071.th.jpg
Press Releases
“Mothers and Sons” – The two mothers at the center of the Emmett Till murder, Carolyn Bryant and Mamie Till-Mobley, testify about his character in front of a packed courtroom. (TV-MA, LV) “The Last Word” – After the verdict is reached and the story becomes international news, a movement begins – and Mamie Till-Mobley fights to defend Emmett’s legacy. (TV-MA, LV) The season finale of “Women of the Movement” airs THURSDAY, JAN. 20 (8:00-10:31 p.m. EST), on ABC. Watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the day following their premieres.