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Walker - Episode 2.09 - Sucker Punch - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
WLK209b_0051r.th.jpg WLK209a_0173r.th.jpg WLK209a_0293r.th.jpg WLK209a_0249r.th.jpg WLK209a_0238r.th.jpg WLK209a_0209r.th.jpg WLK209a_0165r.th.jpg WLK209a_0050r.th.jpg WLK209a_0248r.th.jpg WLK209a_0468r.th.jpg WLK209b_0299r.th.jpg WLK209a_0420r.th.jpg WLK209b_0318r.th.jpg

Press Release
LIAM AND DAN SET UP AN UNEASY ALLIANCE – When he hears that Serano (guest star Henderson Wade) is out on bail, Dan (guest star Dave Annable) panics and asks Liam (Keegan Allen) for help. Liam doesn’t trust Dan but Dan makes him a tempting offer that would put Serano behind bars for good. There is just a small catch – Liam can’t tell Walker (Jared Padalecki) what’s going on. Meanwhile, Geri (Odette Annable) decides to have an open mic night at the Side Step and encourages August (Kale Culley) to hit the stage. Amyn Kaderali directed the episode written by Aaron Carew (#209). Original airdate 1/27/2022.