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The Equalizer - Bout That Life - Review

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This episode wasn’t quite at the level I’ve grown used to seeing. It wasn’t bad just more predictable than usual.


The wife of a rapper, Dilemma, who confessed to murder. After an aspiring rapper uploads a song containing unreleased details to the murder of Dre Bids, the man Dilemma confessed to killing, his wife, Deidre Blickman, asks Robyn to get to the truth.

This is where figured out the twists coming up in the episode. Once I saw that he had sons, I realized Dilemma was protecting one of them.

What kept me involved were the characters and the setting of the rap music business.

Everyone believes Dilemma killed Dre Bids because of a beef between the two crews. The beef was initially a publicity stunt to sell more tracks.

But that publicity stunt led to violence on the streets. It led to Dilemma’s oldest son being hospitalized and, eventually, to the death of a 10-year old girl.

Dilemma realized that the violence he helped to foment had to stop.

I really appreciated that aspect of the story. We rarely see characters accept responsibility and try to fix the problems they helped create.

Dilemma talked to Dre Bids and they decided to declare a truce. The night Dre Bids was killed, they were meeting to record a track calling for peace.

Brawlah, Dre Bids’ protege, couldn’t let that happen. First, he tried to manipulate the situation by sending texts to each man convincing them the other is ready to kill.

Dilemma forgot his phone, so he never saw the text. Unfortunately, Dilemma’s youngest son, Nasir, rushed in to save his father. He shot Dre Bids, but did not kill him.

Brawlah saw all of this and the opportunity to cement his career by killing Dre Bids himself.

It all played out as I expected. We even got the scene where someone had to be talked out of ruining their life by shooting the bad guy. It was a moment that made perfect sense in context, but I’ve seen it before.

Family Life:  Delilah has boy problems.

It wasn't really a boy problem. Delilah ran into one of those moments that many women hit.

Do you express your honest opinion and risk losing the boy, or say nothing and hold yourself back in the relationship.

Those of us who are well out of our teenaged years know that if you can’t be true to yourself in a relationship, the relationship is not likely to last.

Delilah suddenly mentions that she may not go to college after she graduates.

A waste of energy on Delilah’s part, because neither her mother or aunt are close to considering that possibility.

I loved the expression on Vi’s face when she saw Cameron. I could see the words “Oh, it’s about a boy.” on her forehead.

I wasn’t too surprised that Delilah took the chance of expressing her own opinion about college. (She’s being raised by Robyn and Vi after all.)

When she asked if his opinion was born out of not being able to afford it, he hung up on her.

I liked the fact that Vi didn’t try to fix things for Delilah. She offered to listen, but did not push.

I was almost as happy as Delilah was Cameron apologized.

Harry and Mel were the highlight of the episode. Harry in a corner under the bar using the computer was hysterical.

Actually, I can’t decide which was funnier…Harry under the bar, or Harry on the toilet.

I figured that they were going to find a way to get Harry set up again. I didn’t think it would be in the same location as before he was arrested. Way to save on sets. LOL

And now he can go out into the sunshine, or take his wife out to dinner.

Overall this episode was only okay. I did like the character work though.

What did you guys think of the episode?

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