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Law and Order : Organsized Crime - Episode 2.12 - As Iago is to Othello - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
NUP_195594_00428.th.jpg NUP_195594_00403.th.jpg NUP_195594_00398.th.jpg NUP_195594_00392.th.jpg NUP_195594_00365.th.jpg NUP_195594_00351.th.jpg NUP_195594_00087.th.jpg NUP_195594_00035.th.jpg NUP_195594_00011.th.jpg NUP_195594_00004.th.jpg NUP_195594_00192.th.jpg NUP_195594_00176.th.jpg NUP_195594_00139.th.jpg NUP_195594_00332.th.jpg NUP_195594_00227.th.jpg NUP_195594_00321.th.jpg

Press Release
Stabler asks Bell to have his back when they’re called in to defend their actions. Jet and Malachi work together to pin down Wheatley. Cho and Maldonado go undercover to watch Angela.