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Emily in Paris - Season 2 - Full Season Review

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  Emily in Paris returned for its second season on Netflix last month with all 10 episodes dropping just before Christmas – oh, la, la – nice present for under the tree! If like me, you’ve been super busy over the holidays, you may still have this present to unwrap. Rather than do a blow-by-blow of each episode, however, I’m going to just do a quick overview of this season and hit the highlights of what I loved… and some of the things that I didn’t love so much…

The reason I fell in love with the show in season one has a lot to do with its terrific cast, and they don’t disappoint in the second season – more on my quibbles with characterization below, however. The other two things about the show that really drew me in were the clothes and the location! It’s just so much fun to look for the places in Paris that I’ve visited, and this season even gave us Versailles! It was a little heart-wrenching every time Notre Dame could be seen in the background though. 

I think only Lily Collins (Emily) could pull off those terrific fashions – she has the perfect figure for those wonderful, colorful, over-the-top ensembles. She’s equally at home in some of the more classic looks too. I saw one article that criticized the show for having the women wear stilettos, saying that no woman in Paris would brave the cobblestones. While I commiserate that stilettos on cobblestones are no joke, I can also honestly say that I’ve seen plenty of women wear them all over Paris!

Mindy’s (Ashley Park) outfits are even bolder and more outrageous than Emily’s but they suit her personality. Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) and Camille (Camille Razat) represent the more traditional and classic French style – Camille usually opting for a more casual, country-style, while Sylvie has more classic elegance – with a whole lot of sex appeal.

For the men, Luc (Bruno Gouery) wears a classic, relaxed Parisian style with Julien (Samuel Arnold) taking up the younger, more flamboyant style. Antoine (Willian Abadie) and newcomer Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) represent the latest in elegant business attire.

There were lots of these little moments to love in every episode. Overall, however, I would have to say that I didn’t find the story arc of this season nearly as satisfying as season one’s. First, where did our smart, go-getter Emily go? It seems as if her business sense took the season off and we didn’t really see her get any really big wins. It’s almost a huge surprise when Sylvie offers her a job at the end of the season. Also annoying? Her terrible French and her inability to learn to speak it. Alfie is even worse – if he’s in business, it’s an invaluable skill to speak a second language – and really surprising that a Brit wouldn’t already have some French as it’s absolutely common to holiday on the Continent! We do get that one breakthrough moment in French class when suddenly Emily does speak good French – so maybe this will be the last season for that cliché?

Speaking of clichés? Kate Walsh (Madeline) as the ugly American is just a bit too over-the-top to be funny. Her terrible French is only the tip of the iceberg as she completely ignores cultural differences and basic manners. How is she so high up in a “global” firm with no grasp on how to do business internationally? It’s Business 101 to be sensitive to cultural differences!

I’m really not a big fan of on-again, off-again romances – and yes, I do know that is the basic formula of a rom-com, but it’s also why I tend not to watch them! Camille had no reason to be so angry with Emily when Camille and Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) had broken up before Emily slept with him. I actually felt badly for how little Bravo had to do this season – simply mope about and look sadly into Emily’s eyes. And who didn’t see Camille’s change of heart being a ploy to get Gabriel back? Emily’s “reunion” with Timothee (Victor Meutelet) is hilarious, especially when he introduces her to his clearly very young friends and then gently breaks up with her! I quite liked Laviscount as Alfie this season – Emily could do much worse! I remember seeing Laviscount first in a backdoor pilot for a Supernatural spinoff, ironically set in Chicago!

At least Mindy got a great storyline this season. She starts out singing for tips outside the washroom at a drag club and it’s actually a move up to busking on the street – with her new bandmates – Benoit (Kevin Dias) and Etienne (Jin Xuan Mao). Mindy and Benoit fall for each other – until he finds out about her career as a pop star and her rich father. When the band gets a “real” gig in a Chinese restaurant, however, it’s time for Mindy to get over her stage fright. It’s also an opportunity for her and Benoit to sing the song that he wrote for her – the two make beautiful music together!

We also got a lot more backstory on Sylvie – who also got a pretty great storyline. We meet her husband (!!!) (Arnaud Binard) from San Trope – who helps her start her own firm by buying her out of his bar. Sylvie also ends up with a much younger boyfriend – Erik (Søren Bregendal). At first, she’s self-conscious about the difference in their ages, denying he’s her boyfriend and avoiding going out with his friends – but when a waiter mistakes Erik for her son, rather than being embarrassed, Sylvie plants a big kiss on him and goes for it!

I loved the final episode as it has a spectacular un-fashion show at Versailles. We see Sylvie get the final word on Madeline – and the team really embrace Emily. Of course, when Emily tries to reconnect with Gabriel because now it looks like she’s staying in Paris, he’s already gone back to Camille – ugh. Stupid….. I did mention that I’m not a fan of this rom-com staple, right? I’m wondering if they are going for a three arc season – which should meant that next season, Emily will be good at her job again and get the guy she’s supposed to be with.

To re-cap, I loved the location and the clothes, Sylvie’s and Mindy’s storylines, and Alfie. Loved the iconic Vespa and Emily's birthday party in the courtyard! I do like that the women are front and center in this show, but honestly, do they always have to obsess about men???? I’m definitely going to keep watching – can’t get enough of those clothes! My fingers are crossed for Gabriel to do more than look like a wounded puppy – and I’m looking forward to Camille (and her mother!) being exposed for manipulating Emily away from Gabriel. What was your favorite episode? Favorite outfit? Favorite scene? Who should Emily be with – Gabriel or Alfie? Should Emily ditch Madeline and join Sylvie’s team??? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!!!

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