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Dollface - Episode 2.09 - Princess Charming - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
dollface_209_jb_00423rt.th.jpg dollface_209_jb_00277rt.th.jpg dollface_209_jb_00229rt.th.jpg dollface_209_jb_00169rt.th.jpg dollface_209_jb_00652rt.th.jpg dollface_209_jb_00975rt.th.jpg dollface_209_jb_00466rt.th.jpg dollface_209_jb_00516rt.th.jpg
Press Release
2 Episode 209 ‘Princess Charming’

The girls must rescue Izzy from the clutches of the Alisons, and explore what it means to be your own villain and hero, in this subverted homage to the fairytale genre.