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Dexter: New Blood - Sins of the Father - Finale Review: Prodigal Son

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"Open your eyes and look at what you've done."

Well, this is it folks, Dexter's journey has finally come to an end, and whether this is the last we see of him and this world or not, it is definitely something worth celebrating. I don't think anything could take away the feeling most of us had with the last finale we got, but I, for one, I'm pretty satisfied with this one. There were a few moments that were absolutely astounding, on of them being Harrison saying to Dexter what he used to say to his victims.

The whole season had its ups and downs, some parts of it felt to me like they had to rush for some reason, and the final confrontation, though, in my opinion, it was absolutely the best note to end on, felt like it wasn't fully earned, I think they could've done without some of the more messy and convoluted parts of the plot, added more Dexter and Harrison, and given the whole thing a little more space to breathe and feel a little bit more natural.

The conversation with Angela was pretty great, though I'm not sure why they teased us with a Dexter-Batista reunion if it wasn't going to happen. I knew from the last episode that there had to be a moment where Harrison realized Dexter was exactly the kind of man that would fit the code and by killing him he made his first kill. And it did not disappoint, an amazing performance from both, I don't think Dexter was at his most persuasive here, but I guess he wasn't in the best spot to think straight.

The ending is left open for Harrison, we don't know whether this was just karma catching up to Dexter and Harrison can live a good life away from the shadow of his father, or if this would be the first of many kills, I would say the latter, since no matter what Harrison tells himself, there's just no way his dark impulses will just disappear. I can't say I'd be against a Harrison spin-off, and if Dexter is his Harry, all the better.

"Let me die, so my son can live."

What did you think about the ending? Would you like a spin-off? Comment below.

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