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Chicago Med - Episode 7.12 - What You Don’t Know Can’t Hurt You - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
NUP_196246_01942.th.jpg NUP_196246_02634.th.jpg NUP_196246_02743.th.jpg NUP_196246_00672.th.jpg NUP_196246_02692.th.jpg NUP_196246_00304.th.jpg NUP_196246_00325.th.jpg NUP_196246_01454.th.jpg NUP_196246_01662.th.jpg NUP_196246_01729.th.jpg NUP_196246_01696.th.jpg NUP_196246_02792.th.jpg NUP_196246_00002.th.jpg NUP_196246_00162.th.jpg NUP_196247_00335.th.jpg NUP_196247_00008.th.jpg NUP_196247_00393.th.jpg NUP_196247_00079.th.jpg NUP_196247_00065.th.jpg NUP_196247_00031.th.jpg

Press Release
Will and Stevie get stuck in the middle of a marital face-off. Dr. Blake’s entire surgical team mysteriously collapses during a liver transplant. Charles encourages Ethan to reconcile with his father.