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Chicago Fire - Episode 10.12 - Show of Force - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
NUP_196297_00954.th.jpg NUP_196297_00947.th.jpg NUP_196297_01045.th.jpg NUP_196297_00521.th.jpg NUP_196297_00944.th.jpg NUP_196297_00887.th.jpg NUP_196297_00958.th.jpg NUP_196297_01007.th.jpg NUP_196297_00056.th.jpg NUP_196297_00054.th.jpg NUP_196297_00128.th.jpg NUP_196297_00280.th.jpg NUP_196297_00984.th.jpg NUP_196297_00121.th.jpg NUP_196297_00075.th.jpg

Press Release
Boden, Kidd and Severide work together to protect one of their own. At the Fire Academy, Herrmann meets an inspiring young man. Talk of the annual CFD Gala dominates the firehouse.