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Women Of The Movement - Episodes 1.03 + 1.04 - Let The People See / Manhunt - Promotional Photos + Press Releases

Promotional Photos
156920_0346.th.jpg 156920_0048.th.jpg 158577_0547.th.jpg 158577_0180.th.jpg 158387_0687.th.jpg 158383_0498.th.jpg 158380_1260.th.jpg 158379_1099.th.jpg 158379_0431.th.jpg 158379_0378.th.jpg 158373_0962.th.jpg 158372_1879.th.jpg 158372_1289.th.jpg 158372_0780.th.jpg 158372_0208.th.jpg 158372_0183.th.jpg 158200_0334.th.jpg 156920_0749.th.jpg 156920_0388.th.jpg 156920_0234.th.jpg 156909_1099.th.jpg 156909_1053.th.jpg 156909_0997.th.jpg 156909_0976.th.jpg 156909_0946.th.jpg 156909_0882.th.jpg 156909_0721.th.jpg 156909_0688.th.jpg 156908_1727.th.jpg 156908_1535.th.jpg 156908_1502.th.jpg 156908_1453.th.jpg 156908_1433.th.jpg 156908_1202.th.jpg 158372_2393.th.jpg 158379_0593.th.jpg 158576_0142.th.jpg
Promotional Photos - Episode 1.04
158388_0458.th.jpg 158388_0981.th.jpg 158388_0517.th.jpg 158388_0841.th.jpg 158388_0207A.th.jpg 158388_0996.th.jpg 158388_1009.th.jpg 158388_1357.th.jpg 158821_0673.th.jpg 158362_0866.th.jpg 158821_1195.th.jpg 158821_1342.th.jpg 158362_0928.th.jpg 158382_0106.th.jpg 158382_0163.th.jpg 158821_1445.th.jpg 158830_1045.th.jpg 158382_1181.th.jpg 158830_0010.th.jpg 158827_0212.th.jpg 158830_1468.th.jpg 158384_1057.th.jpg 158831_0039.th.jpg 158831_0399.th.jpg 158830_1320.th.jpg 158384_0201.th.jpg 158384_1441.th.jpg 158384_1136.th.jpg 158384_2028.th.jpg
Press Releases
“Let the People See”– After her son’s body is recovered in Mississippi, Mamie insists on having a public wake with an open casket to ensure that he did not die in vain. The case becomes national news, which puts pressure on Mississippi officials to do the unthinkable—go to trial. (TV-MA, LV)

“Manhunt” – A historic trial begins, and on the eve of her testimony, Mamie must face the three people responsible for her son’s murder, while also facing some ugly truths in the Jim Crow South. (TV-MA, LV)

“Women of the Movement” airs THURSDAY, JAN. 13 (8:00-10:01 p.m. EST), on ABC. Watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the day following their premieres.