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The Blacklist - Episode 9.08 - Dr. Razmik Maier - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
NUP_196053_00020.th.jpg NUP_196053_00025.th.jpg NUP_196053_00007.th.jpg NUP_196053_00202.th.jpg NUP_196053_00116.th.jpg NUP_196053_00106.th.jpg NUP_196053_00220.th.jpg NUP_196053_00278.th.jpg NUP_196053_00296.th.jpg NUP_196053_00304.th.jpg NUP_196053_00234.th.jpg NUP_196053_00276.th.jpg

Press Release
The death of a professional tennis player leads the Task Force to a doctor who may be fixing the odds for a major sports betting syndicate. Red digs deeper into Dembe’s betrayal. Ressler struggles with sobriety.