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Ragdoll - Episode 1.05 - Episode Five - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
RAGDOLL_105_LV_0702_0044-RT.th.jpg RAGDOLL_105_GM_0617_0438-RT.th.jpg RAGDOLL_105_GM_0617_0405-RT.th.jpg RAGDOLL_105_GM_0617_0313-RT.th.jpg RAGDOLL_105_NS_0630_0114-RT.th.jpg RAGDOLL_105_NS_0709_0050-RT.th.jpg RAGDOLL_105_NS_0709_0006-RT.th.jpg RAGDOLL_105_NS_0709_0021-RT.th.jpg
Press Release
Rose and the Ragdoll killer engage in a sadistic game of cat and mouse in which Rose is pushed to the edge. Baxter goes back to basics to try and track down the killer while Edmunds’ piqued suspicions put her on the right track but also land her in grave danger.