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Quote of the Week - Weeks of November 14th and 21st

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A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the Spoiler TV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below.

The Big Leap -

1. Anthony: “I hear you, Mike. It is so incredibly sad.” Joel: “But even if you run from this, Paula’s gonna die and...uh, you’re gonna be heartbroken. The choice isn’t whether or not you’re gonna feel pain. You’re gonna feel pain. The choice is about how you feel about yourself when that time comes.” Ellison: “Look, I know it’s tough but you’ll get through it.” Mike: “Yeah, I know. I know that you guys are right. Thanks, thanks, yeah.” Anthony: “It’s okay to cry. You can do it. The only way is through. You got to sit in it and feel the feelings. Be there for Paula. We’ll be there for you.”
2. Mike, after the second Paula video: “Am I really that predictable?” Wayne: “May we all be lucky enough to find someone who knows us so well.”
3. Monica: “Just take some deep breaths.” Nick: “Breathing’s stupid. Do the thing where you yell at me and then you call me stupid b** at the end.” Monica: “You’re not dying. You’re grieving. You’re sad about Paula and you’re afraid of wasting your life being a snake in the grass. (she sighs) You stupid b**.” Nick, deep breathing: “Hey, thanks.” Monica: “Sometimes things happen that require us to stop and reflect and feel.” Nick: “Mmm-hmm. I know.” Monica: “Paula died and no one is okay, including you. It seems to me that you can either make something beautiful in her honor...” Nick: “Mmm-hmm.” Monica: “...or continue to produce garbage television to chase ratings.”
4. Mike, as the lights go out in the theatre: “Babe, I thought you wanted me to do the show.”
5. Monica: “You know, I’ll admit you sure pulled off this wedding. Sometimes, you really are good at your job.” Nick: “Well, thank you.” Monica: “Come on. I just complimented you. What’s going on?” Nick: “She’s still gonna die, Monica. It doesn’t matter how hard I worked or how happy everybody pretends to be. The ending doesn’t change.” Monica: “You just gave them a night full of happiness so I think it changed a little.”
6. Nick: “You may be wondering why Mike and Paula asked me to officiate their wedding. Me too. I didn’t want to do this. I did not want to stand up here in front of cameras and talk about love, but then I asked myself the question that I’m usually asking everyone else, which is: “What prevents us?” You can ask that question about a lot of things. What prevents us from saying the things we want to say or from allowing ourselves to love or be loved, and you’ll always come up with the same answer. The thing that prevents us is fear. Putting yourself out there, letting some really see you is scary. Trusting other people’s terrifying. Looking at a terrible situation, holding hands, and facing it together...well, I guess that’s love. So today we celebrate love triumphing over fear.” (Dahne)

Bob Hearts Abishola -

1. Goodwin: “You have to be frugal.” Douglas: “I don’t know what that is.” Godwin: “It is very simple. In life, there are things that you need to survive and things that bring you joy. Remove all joy.” Douglas: “Then what’s the point of living?” Goodwin: “I do not recommend asking yourself that question.” (Dahne)

Succession -

1. Greg: "Apparently I can’t sue Ewan while he’s still alive. But I can sue Greenpeace." Tom: "You’re going to sue Greenpeace? I like your style, Greg. Who do you think you’re gonna go after next? Save The Children?" (Cecile)

What We're Watching

The Big Leap - 1.06/1.07

1. Mike: “I talked to Julia. She told me everything. And listen, if you don’t want me here because you actually don’t like me, then I will go. But if you are pushing me away because you think that this is too deep for me, then you do not know how deep I go. I’m in love with you and I know it’s fast but screw it. We’re adults and I know when it’s real. And what’s real is that I am not even scared of you rejecting me, but I am absolutely terrified that you are going to go through this alone. Let me be here for you.”
2. Gina: “Are you okay?” Gabby: “Not really. Poor Sammy! This is gonna follow me everywhere for the rest of my life.” Gina: “Hey, look at me. This is one thing that happened in your life and it gave us Sammy, but it does not define you. That teacher is a creep and a predator. You are a talented, beautiful, fantastic woman and I am so proud to be your mother. I only wish you would have told me when it was happening and I would have spent the last 7 years telling you that. And I’m so sorry that you were so alone.” (Dahne)

Young Sheldon -

1. Sheldon: “Where are we going? Missy: “Right there.” Sheldon: “An old shack in the middle of the woods? Have you even seen Scooby-Doo?”
2. Sheldon: “Is this about that boy?” Missy: “I don’t want to talk about it.” Sheldon: “Is he why you were getting rid of your toys and your posters? Because I don’t think you should change for some boy.” Missy: “You’re just saying that because you hate change. You don’t care about my feelings.” Sheldon: “How can you say that? I’m literally risking my life to be here. Look around. It is tetanus as far as the eye can see.” (Dahne)


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