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Nancy Drew - The Voices in the Frost - Review

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This winter finale both answered a lot of questions and set up some new problems to be solved in the new year. What I found interesting was the fact that the new problems are still embedded in the Frozen Hearts/Copperhead case.

Now that Agent Park has been brought into the supernatural fold, Nancy is anxious to use his resources to move the search for the final two pieces of Charity’s soul into high gear.

A few realities like the “fact” that FBI level profiles aren’t as quick as they are on TV are not enough to persuade Nancy to take it slow. That intensity didn’t escape Park’s notice. I thought his diagnosis was on point.

There’s a lot of speculation and guesswork going on, and I’m okay with that. The theories are logical. The problem is that Nancy never stops to consider that she could be wrong.

The potential for disaster isn’t a problem for this show. In fact, it’s part of the fun.

There was a lot to unpack in the Historical Society segment. Apparently the winter storm that’s descended upon Horseshoe Bay brought more spirits with it. This makes it impossible to zero in on which voice they believe is Charity’s.

Nancy’s spell seems to have worked on Agent Park. He’s willing to follow her into the dark tunnel leading to the Copperhead’s cell to find a totem they can use to zero in on Charity’s voice.

I’m actually more interested in what’s going on with the ghost that’s haunting the Historical Society.

For some reason, the ghost stops Ace from following Nancy and Park into the tunnel.

When the the hatch first slammed shut, my initial thought was that something dangerous was in the tunnel. But nothing happened to Nancy and Agent Park (I’d love to start using his first name, but according to IMDB, he doesn’t have one yet.), so why attack Ace?

The visit to the cell was a waste of time as far as finding a totem is concerned. (They found one, but it’s useless.)

They did find enough clues to let them fine tune their theories about the Copperhead’s motives. We now know that the Copperhead did actually love Charity. They had a plan to survive the war together.

There’s still a question about their intended end game. ls the quest to find the last two pieces of Charity’s soul a way of freeing Charity so their souls could find eternal rest together, or is it something else all together?

I did smile at that look Park gave Nancy once she’s closed her eyes.

In the end, Nancy had an epiphany about how to locate the people housing the last two pieces of Charity’s soul.

They’ll just need a super computer and the, likely incomplete, roster of the men at Gettysburg the day Charity died.


Nick’s disappearing act seems to have been forgotten and forgiven already. I’m mildly bummed by that; especially since he seemed mildly perturbed when George said she needed took some times to think about “things” before filling him in on having her life saved.

Instead he, George, and Bess go all in on trying to figure out if Eve actually killed someone.

Bess almost gleefully sets about trying to prove that Eve did kill her fiancé.

In Bess’ defense, Eve did ask them to prove she was guilty.

Searching Eve’s bag seemed completely logical considering the situation.

The only real problem I had was with the way they set up Bess finding the evidence of Eve’s argument with her fiancĂ©. It was a little too heavy handed for me. Every time the phone asked a question I was kicked out of the episode.

I’ve never heard anyone have this issue with the current versions of smart phone operating systems. Alexa™, yes; my cellphone, ‘no’. So, that element was a little klunky for me.

The line of logic from the recording to George and Nick finding the video that proved Eve’s innocence was pretty successful though.

Bess was right about one thing. Eve was never possessed. It seems as though the trauma (and guilt) of being the person responsible for Nick going to jail has weighed on her to the point where she’s been having these black outs.

Nick and George decide to elope. Then decided to call off their engagement.

I loved George’s speech about growing strong beside each other before getting married. I couldn’t help but agree with them. In fact it is, IMHO, the kind of thinking that will lead to a very long and happy marriage.


Last week I thought it was Hannah who was repeating “die”. Now, I’m not so sure. But I am pretty sure that was her saying Ace’s name on the ghost radio and warning that they weren’t hearing Charity’s voice.

Ace’s attempts to fix the key he found at the Historical Society zipped him into an alternate dimension. The same one that Hannah was sent to the night the Copperhead was released.

We finally know the source of Nancy’s Phantom Knocker.

So, Hannah’s tie to the Copperhead story may not be what we thought it was. Did she actually free the Copperhead?

The first thing to look forward to when the show returns.


I’ve never considered Temperance stupid. I keep forgetting that she’s been alive all this time. She watched the digital age arrive and understands it pretty well.

Well enough, it seems, to realize that if she was going to leave written evidence of her duplicity lying around, she should cast a spell rendering it unable to be photographed.

Somehow I think Temperance will know Bess looked at those letters.

The second thing I’m looking forward to when the show returns.


The third thing is what I’m most looking forward to when the show returns.

I can’t wait to find out more about the ghost in the Historical Society. Is it Hannah? If not, who (or what) is it? What does it want?

My first thought, when she started repeating “die”, was that she was warning of danger. But then she attacked Ace.

How much danger is Ace in? Is the other dimension saving him from one danger by thrusting him into another one? Or will he survive the alternate dimension only to return to danger in the real world?

What did you think of the episode? What are you looking forward to in the show’s return from hiatus?

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