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Dollface - Episode 2.03 - Boss Lady - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Press Release
S2 Episode 203 ‘Boss Lady’

Jules deals with being sexually frustrated, while Madison meets an edgy prospective client. Stella mixes business and pleasure with Liv, her partner on the new work venture. Izzy and her boyfriend collaborate on a project.

Promotional Photos
dollface_203_jb_00911rt.th.jpg dollface_203_jb_00138rt.th.jpg dollface_203_jb_00112rt.th.jpg dollface_203_jb_00063rt.th.jpg dollface_203_jb_01280rt.th.jpg dollface_203_jb_01072rt.th.jpg dollface_203_jb_01591rt.th.jpg dollface_203_jb_02108rt.th.jpg dollface_203_jb_01296rt.th.jpg dollface_203_jb_02527rt.th.jpg