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Dollface - Episode 2.02 - Right-Hand Woman - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
dollface_202_em_00181rt.th.jpg dollface_202_jb_01273rt.th.jpg dollface_202_jb_00848rt.th.jpg dollface_202_jb_00002rt.th.jpg dollface_202_jb_02012rt.th.jpg dollface_202_jb_01794rt.th.jpg dollface_202_jb_01925rt.th.jpg dollface_202_jb_02231rt.th.jpg dollface_202_jb_02184rt.th.jpg dollface_202_jb_02154rt.th.jpg dollface_202_jb_02284rt.th.jpg
Press Release
S2 Episode 202 ‘Right-Hand Woman’

Jules navigates her uncharacteristically great day while hiding it from Madison, who doesn’t share her luck. Izzy struggles to go public with her new relationship. Stella gets an idea for a business venture.