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Dollface - Episode 2.01 - Travel Agent - Promo, Promotional Photos + Press Release *Updated 11th January 2022*

Season 2 Promo

Press Release
S2 Episode 201 ‘Travel Agent’

Jules and the girls have been trapped inside for over a year, and it’s finally time for them to reenter the world. When they attend a 30 Under 30 Party, they are forced to reflect on their upcoming birthdays, career changes, and unfulfilled life goals.
Promotional Photos
dollface_201_jb_00034rt.th.jpg dollface_201_em_01780rt.th.jpg dollface_201_em_01470rt.th.jpg dollface_201_em_01071rt.th.jpg dollface_201_jb_00327rt.th.jpg dollface_201_jb_00446rt.th.jpg dollface_201_jb_00187rt.th.jpg dollface_201_jb_00342rt.th.jpg