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911: Lone Star - Episode 3.01 - The Big Chill - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
911-lone-star-season3-episode1g-696x464.th.jpg 911-lone-star-season3-episode1f-696x464.th.jpg 911-lone-star-season3-episode1d-696x464.th.jpg 911-lone-star-season3-episode1e-696x464.th.jpg 911-lone-star-season3-episode1-696x464.th.jpg 911-lone-star-season3-episode1h-200x3002x.th.jpg 911-lone-star-season3-episode1b-696x464.th.jpg 911-lone-star-season3-episode1c-696x464.th.jpg
Press Release
An unexpected arctic cold front brings an ice storm to Austin and a variety of weather-related emergencies. Meanwhile, Owen deals with the fallout of the 126 closing, as Tommy, T.K., and Gillian settle into new employment and Judd and Grace prepare for the birth of their first baby.