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The Sinner - Parts V, VI, & VII - Triple Review: Helpless

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"Without death, there's no rebirth."

This season is definitely better binged, there's so much nothing in every episode that I can't even form a coherent thought or theory, but with three there's a little more to work with. There's still a final episode left and I am wondering how Ambrose's story will end for good since the show has been canceled.

The signs would point to a tragic end though I'm not sure it would be satisfying, nor would a simple ending with a case solved and Ambrose open to new adventures we'll never get to see. Meg Muldoon is definitely an interesting character but I can't say she's been built up enough to be the one to take him down.

I am very disappointed that the whole ritualistic aspect was just Percy's look for meaning, I did enjoy the scenes where Harry was trying to follow in her footsteps so he'd be able to understand her better, but other than that it didn't provide much and it definitely was not worth the amount of screen time it got this season.

I did like the family aspect and how it weighed on Percy, how it makes sense she was so lost since she was trapped in their web. And that moment when she went to the police and was taken straight home, that definitely had to hurt, who do you go to for help? They have influence everywhere, and it's not surprising Meg would defend what's left of her family, even if they're monsters, she's just the type.

The season is not over yet but it has been quite a disappointment for me and I just don't see a way for this to be a satisfying ending to a show that though it had its ups and downs had some of the best characters and dialogue currently on TV, for the show's sake I hope they can salvage something but I'm not holding my breath.

"This isn't how it's supposed to end."

What are your theories on the series finale? Comment below.

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