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The Conners - Episode 4.08 - Yard Sale, Phone Fail, And A College Betrayal - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
161205_4478-900x0.th.jpg 161205_4461-900x0.th.jpg 161205_4453-900x0.th.jpg 161088_0768-900x0.th.jpg 161088_0705-900x0.th.jpg 161088_0564-900x0.th.jpg 161088_0657-400x0.th.jpg 161088_0469-900x0.th.jpg 161088_0354-900x0.th.jpg 161088_0338-900x0.th.jpg 161088_0310-900x0.th.jpg 161088_0279-900x0.th.jpg 161088_0263-900x0.th.jpg 161088_0153-900x0.th.jpg 161205_9847-900x0.th.jpg 161205_4875-900x0.th.jpg 161205_4554-900x0.th.jpg 161205_4645-400x0.th.jpg
Press Release
As Louise starts to move into the Conner’s home, Dan decides to sell the furniture set he bought for Roseanne when they were first married. However, he soon finds parting with the furniture – and old memories – harder than he thought it would be.