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SEAL Team - Episode 5.08 - Conspicuous Gallantry - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
508_seal-team_photo01.th.jpg 508_seal-team_photo02.th.jpg 508_seal-team_photo03.th.jpg 508_seal-team_photo04.th.jpg 508_seal-team_photo05.th.jpg 508_seal-team_photo06.th.jpg 508_seal-team_photo07.th.jpg 508_seal-team_photo08.th.jpg 508_seal-team_photo09.th.jpg 508_seal-team_photo10.th.jpg 508_seal-team_photo11.th.jpg 508_seal-team_photo12.th.jpg 508_seal-team_photo14.th.jpg 508_seal-team_photo13.th.jpg 508_seal-team_photo16.th.jpg 508_seal-team_photo15.th.jpg
Press Release
After an op gone sideways lands the whole team in the hospital, Bravo must create a little chaos to stay calm, while Clay tries to piece together what went wrong. “Conspicuous Gallantry” premieres Sunday, November 21 exclusively on Paramount+.

WRITTEN BY: Teresa Huang & Stephen Gasper
DIRECTED BY: David Boreanaz