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Ragdoll - Episode 1.04 - Episode Four - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
RAGDOLL_104_LV_0702_0015.th.jpg RAGDOLL_104_LV_0702_0021.th.jpg RAGDOLL_104_LV_0702_0005.th.jpg RAGDOLL_104_GM_0616_0181.th.jpg RAGDOLL_104_LV_0702_0042.th.jpg RAGDOLL_104_LV_0702_0026.th.jpg RAGDOLL_104_LV_0702_0022.th.jpg RAGDOLL_104_LV_0702_0124.th.jpg RAGDOLL_104_LV_0702_0115.th.jpg RAGDOLL_104_LV_0702_0157.th.jpg RAGDOLL_104_NS_0720_0004.th.jpg RAGDOLL_104_MT_0615_0074.th.jpg RAGDOLL_104_LV_0702_0105.th.jpg
Press Release
In order to protect the next person on the kill list, Rose and Baxter attempt to outwit the Ragdoll Killer with an unorthodox plan. Edmund's past catches up with her as she investigates Rose and his unusual behavior. The team finally get their first tangible lead on the Ragdoll killer.