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Ragdoll - Episode 1.03 - Episode Three - Promotional Photos + Press Release

Promotional Photos
RAGDOLL_103_LV_0518_0044-RT.th.jpg RAGDOLL_103_LV_0518_0024-RT.th.jpg RAGDOLL_103_NS_0601_0033-RT.th.jpg RAGDOLL_103_NS_0601_0236-RT.th.jpg RAGDOLL_103_LV_0516_0033-RT.th.jpg RAGDOLL_103_LV_0518_0002-RT.th.jpg
Press Release
Rose's erratic behavior raises questions for Edmunds but Baxter won't listen. With the killer one step ahead, her plans to protect the third victim go awry with devastating consequences and frustratingly they are forced to watch the Ragdoll killer's horrific plans play out.