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Quote of the Week - Weeks of Oct. 31 - Nov. 14

A weekly feature highlighting the best quotes on TV as picked by the SpoilerTV team. We'd love to hear your picks too so please sound off in the comments below. 

Chicago PD
- (Jessica) 
1. Anna: "You don't trust me, do you?" Jay Halstead: "Nope." 
2. Hailey Upton: "But I'm still me." 
3. Hank Voight: I can't have you in my unit if you don't trust me." Jay Halstead: "Then kick me off it. But why don't you go and tell the unit and the brass why." 
4. Jay Halstead: "I want to start my marriage with the woman that I love out of prison." 
5. Hailey Upton: "Can you come home to me now, please?" Jay Halstead: "That's all I want. Look, we're gonna be okay. I love you." Hailey Upton: "I love you, too." 
6. Agent North: "So here's what's gonna happen. I'm gonna give you a choice. Option one, I arrest you and Hailey. I promise you, I will make the case. Or option two, you help me take down the man I really want...Hank Voight." 

The Equalizer
- (Dahne) 
1. Delilah, to the entitled, racist real estate woman as she posted the video clip to the internet: “I just made you famous.” 
2. Harry: “Yikes! Not to be sexist but the women sure dig the true crime, don’t they?” Mel: “Well, focusing on the bad guys shows us what red flags to look out for. You know, obsessiveness, run-ins with the law, men with lairs.” ~She pointedly looks around Harry’s underground lair. 
3. Mel: “But why the videos?” Robyn: “Because as much as these armchair detectives want to take him down, they’re giving him an audience, which is exactly what he wants.” Harry: “I mean true crime has become an industry. They’re turning serial killers into celebrities and now every Tom, Dick, and Murderer wants their own Netflix show.” 

- (Dahne) 
1. Samantha: “Well, without storming off or yelling, and in all sincerity, I’m sorry you had a lame Halloween.” Jay: “Yeah, that’s the thing. I didn’t.” Samantha: “What do you mean?” Jay: “Um, our gazebo got burned down by ghosts on Halloween in front of our haunted house. We, by far, had the coolest Halloween of all our friends.” 
2. Pete: “Man, I can’t believe kids are capable of this sort of thing.” Trevor: “Didn’t kids murder you?” Pete: “Well, that was an accident. I’m pretty sure.” 
3. Hetty: “Trevor, back us up.” Trevor: “I stand with Pete.” Isaac: “Wait, what? But Pete’s on the side of good...I mean the other side.” Trevor: “We spend our days complaining about how Halloween makes us out to be evil and movies paint us to be the villains, but if we let some kids take the fall for something that we did then aren’t we exactly what they say we are and don’t we deserve to be busted.” Alberta: “Oh, amen.” Isaac: “Really? He’s the one who’s doing the right thing?” Hetty: “I really do feel bad now.” (Trevor starts clapping for himself.) Pete: “Are you slow clapping your own speech?” Trevor: “Damn right I am. They haven’t seen an 80’s movie and you didn’t start it so I have to.” 

- (Folie-lex) 
1. Jackie: "Those a**holes got Junior killed. It's their sh** that he OD'd on." Donna: "When are you gonna f** get it, huh? It wasn't Osito. It wasn't Kizzle. It wasn't anybody else that killed Junior. Junior killed Junior." 
2. Frankie: "Do you love him?" Renee: "Oh! You're jealous. You're jealous of Ray. Really? That's pathetic." Frankie: "Answer the f*** question!" Renee: "No, I don't love him!" Frankie: "Then prove it to me." Renee: "How? How, Frankie? How do I prove it to you? Because I've done everything that you wanted me to do, okay. I wrecked his f** life for you. What else is left? You want me to kill him? Fine, get the f** gun and I'll do it, but I can't take any more of this sh**!" 
3. Ray: "Hey, hey hey! I know you're pissed. I know. I get it. You got every right. But I'm dying here, man. Alright, Alan? I'm not cut out for this normal life. It's f** killing me. The only thing I know how to do is be a cop. So can you, uh, just help me out a little bit here? Just give me something, give me a lead, give me anything." Alan: "First of all, you are an a**hole." Ray: "Yeah. Yeah, okay, you know what? You're right, I am an a**hole. But I'm good at what I do." 
4. Jackie: "I need a favour." Ron: "No, you mean another favour. 'Cause the last time I checked you never got me that drink after I gave you access to the boat log." Jackie: "Listen, I'll buy you two drinks if you hook a sister up one more time. And trust me it's fun. Cop-related." Ron: "Don't you got, like, fancy friends at your fancy new job?"Jackie: "I need you to buy a blow job from a stripper." Ron: "Sh**, why didn't you just say that?" 
5. Ray: "Go ahead, call me an a**hole for wanting your kid to have a dad." Alan: "Really? Wow. Fine. But only 'cause I feel sorry for your a**." Ray: "Works for me." 
6. Leslie: "Your dad know you like women?" Jackie: "Yeah, yeah. He's cool with it." Leslie: "Really? Huh. I thought the Latinos weren't down with that stuff." Jackie: "Aw, you're so cute when you're racist." 

Home Economics
- (Folie-lex) 
1. Sarah [on phone]: "Hey Connor! What's going on?" Connor: "Just finishing up a little work out sesh. Just benched 3 hundie for the first time. Kind of an emotional day." Sarah [to Denise]: "Please let me hang up." Denise: "Keep going." Sarah [on phone]: "Congrats that's -uh- that's a lot of hundies." 
2. Tom: "Look, it's different around you. I can be myself. I don't have to try so hard." Marina: "Oh. So you put in the effort for Sofia but not for me?" 
3. Shamiah: "I didn't want to talk to you about stuff're my parents. And, you're like...cringe." Sarah: "Oh. That's it? We're just cringe? We're cringe." Denise: "Like all the other parents!" 

Magnum, PI
- (Folie-lex) 
1. Kumu: "You can't give a person more help than they're willing to accept. Sometimes you just got to let them know you're there and wait for them to come to you." TC: "And sometimes it's the people that push you away that need you the most." 
2. TC: "She just left him there. A 12-year-old boy, sitting at a bus stop, waiting for a mom that was never gonna come back. I guess if I found him...he would know he was worth looking for." 
3. Higgins: "Even if she does really love him, after everything that he's learned about her, the people she's killed, the lies she's told, I...- how could he go with her? His decision's crazy." Magnum: "Well, maybe it was not a decision at all." Higgins: "What do you mean?" Magnum: "I mean love isn't something you talk yourself into or...out of. It just...I don't know, it is, or it isn't." Higgins: "We're not talking about Aiden and Serena anymore, are we?" Magnum: "I don't know." 
4. Magnum: "Actually I'm calling to offer you a gift card to a luxury nail salon, if you do me a solid." Shammy: "We must have a bad connection, 'cause it sounds like you're trying to bribe me with a manicure." Magnum: "Shammy, have you seen your nails? Those mechanic's hands need a little TLC." Shammy: "Okay, I'll take it. But only so I can regift it to someone else." 
5. TC: "Anybody can see that Rick would drop everything to help a friend, and that kind of loyalty can get taken advantage of. And I ain't gonna let that happen." 
6. Eve: "These rogue operatives made off with our most sensitive files, including yours. If the things you've done got out, the target on your back would be so big, there'd be nowhere on Earth you could hide. So if you won't do it for queen and country, do it for yourself." 

The Rookie
- (Folie-lex) 
1. Tim: "Um, hi. My name is Tim. What's your name?" Alton: "Alton." Tim: "Okay, did your mom or dad accidentally leave without you Alton?" Alton: "My dad." Tim: "Okay, and what's your dad's name." Alton: "Daddy." Lucy: "Okay, I got this. Hi. Do you know where you live? Oh, great. You are so smart. Where?" Alton: "In a house." Lucy: "Mm-hmm. Yeah. Okay. This is gonna take a little bit longer than I thought." 
2. Pete: "What's with the lecture face?" Nolan: "This isn't lecture face. I don't have lecture face." Harper: "That is 100% a lecture face." 
3. Lucy: "Look, last night was something out of a nightmare, and if you're not feeling safe being here right now, we can get a hotel or something." Tamara: "I've slept in a lot of creepy places. Never had a badass superhero protecting me, so this is the safest I've ever felt." 
4. Tim: "Enjoy your little poetry club." Lucy: "Enjoy reviewing 18-year-old evidence from a cold case. I hear those are super easy to crack." 
5. Wesley: "I wasn't too hard on you was I?" Lopez: "Part of me wanted to slap you, the other wanted to jump your bones." Wesley: " Oh, me too. God, I love us." 
6. Tim: "I am privileged to announce the retirement of Officer Jerry McGrady badge number 9944. After 43 years and 9 months of service, this concludes his final shift. Officer McGrady, you sir, are End of Watch. Congratulations." Jerry: "It's been an honour serving this great city all these years. So...take care of her now that I'm gone.” 

Supergirl - (Marko) 
1. Eliza: “You‘d think in another life I was a Kryptonian.” Alex: “Only in the movies.” 

The Wonder Years
- (Folie-lex) 
1. Bill: "I guess it's time." Lillian: "Yeah. Everybody's time comes sooner or later. I know it's hard, but you're doing the right thing, and you're doing it because you love him." Dean: "It's okay, Dad. He'll be in a better place, like Buster." Adult!Dean: "I didn't exactly know what they were talking about, but it sounded like when my dog Buster had to go to a big farm in the sky." Bill: "What?! Boy, we're talking about stopping your granddad from driving, not putting him down." Dean: "Oh." 
2. Adult!Dean: "As I watched my dad face off with his dad, I thought how great it must feel to finally get to lay down the law to your own father. But the look on my dad's face said it didn't feel great at all." 
3. Adult!Dean: "Younger and older generations always have more in common than it appears on the surface. We both want independence, self-determination, and freedom. Even if that freedom doesn't start until you're down the street where your friends can't see you getting dropped off." 

 What We’re Watching: 

Bob Hearts Abishola
1. Douglas: “I wish I had the patience to fix things. I’m just gonna say it. I’m a quitter. I’m a big fat quitter.” Tunda: “Most people quit because they are overwhelmed. Stop focusing on the task ahead. Instead, look at what you have already accomplished.” Douglas: “Wow, such wise words while I’m feeling so vulnerable. You’d be a great cult leader.” 
2. Christina: “So you wouldn’t let us go to sleepaway camp because Bob came back a Democrat.” Dottie: “And a witch. Listen, honey, a mother’s job is to control her children’s thoughts for as long as she can.” Christina: “I don’t think that’s their job.” Dottie: “It’s called love.” Christina: “It’s called co-dependence.” Dottie: “That’s right, sweetie. You can always co-depend on me.” Christina: “Well, I have 6 therapists and a psychic who would agree with you.”

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